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Solandes Aparts and Wines (English version)

Solandes Aparts and Wines (English version)

Ever since my arrival at Mendoza, I’ve received nothing but attentions, and the hospitality of the people there is really admirable.

Since the planning stage of the trip, the accommodation was always on the lookout. When you are comfortable at home you simply think “it’s just a place where to sleep and have a shower”; until it’s two a. m. and you’re tired, having spent almost 24 hours without sleeping and having gone through a bad flight.

This is just the beginning. Just imagine how it feels after 48 hours of visiting so many places that you have to write them down so as not to forget their names.


And then you’re told about Solandes. You ask is you’re going to stay at the wine cellar but it turns out that they’re talking about a fantastic apart hotel placed in a wonderful part of the city.


Solandes has organic wines worthy of being savoured. Antonio and Marcela aim for quality and good taste. And it shows. In every detail of the wine one can enjoy their proper discernment.

The first picture above shows part of the hotel, which I can assure you is more than comfortable. Several times, due to working reasons, I have to travel to other cities and sometimes for prolonged stays. Definitely, the next time I’m off to Mendoza, Solandes will be the chosen place for my stay.

What is the difference? The good taste, the quality, the service, the location and the comfort prove that it is undoubtedly the ideal place to rest and enjoy. There is one room for “living”, another for “working”, another for “eating” and so on and so forth. Nothing makes you uncomfortable; nothing bothers you. This is a little discovery I hope you’ll take advantage of whenever you have to visit Mendoza.

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